Wentao Zhu

About Me

I am a senior undergraduate at Peking University, double major in Computer Science and Economics. I visited Prof. Bo Li's group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the past summer. I also worked at CUHK-SenseTime Joint Multimedia Laboratory, mentored by Prof. Bolei Zhou and Wayne Wu.

My research interest primarily lies in computer vision and human-computer interaction. Recently, I work on bridging the gap between humans and models in terms of explainability and robustness, with a focus on disentangled representations for adversarial learning.


Sino Scholarship, Peking University 2018
WWDC'18 Scholarship, Apple Inc. 2018
Meritorious Winner, COMAP’s Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling 2018
Gold Medal, International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition 2017