Research Projects

TransMoMo: Invariance-Driven Unsupervised Video Motion Retargeting
Zhuoqian Yang*, Wentao Zhu*, Wayne Wu*, Chen Qian, Qiang Zhou, Bolei Zhou, Chen Change Loy (* indicates equal contribution)
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020
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We present a lightweight video motion retargeting approach that is capable of disentangling the three orthogonal factors of variation, including motion, structure, and view-angle. The proposed method can be trained on 2D in-the-wild data in an unsupervised manner and shows superior performance over state-of-the-art methods.

Measuring and Improving Disentanglement in CNNs


Logic Gates
Apple WWDC Scholarship, 2018
This work introduces logic gates and logic design with interesting Boolean simplification problems and conveys philosophies of electronic engineering.
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Quantitative Planning for Electric Vehicles
Meritorious winner(top 10%), Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling 2018
We quantitatively model the relationship between the electric automobiles and charge stations according to countries’ endowments and propose realistic plans to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.
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Genetic Sequential Logic Circuit Programming
Gold Medal and Best Information Processing Project Nomination, iGEM 2017
We propose a framework of genetic sequential logic circuit programming. The circuit is capable of storing states in DNA and automatically running a series of instructions in the designed order with a clock, flip-flop and control unit in cells.
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Course Projects

Rotating Energy Rings
CSCI 3260: Computer Grapics (CUHK), 2018
An interactive scene with texture and shading of multiple objects, adjustable camera view, and control feedback.
Data-driven Link Prediction
STATS 202: Data Mining and Analysis (Stanford), 2018
We apply statistical data analysis and machine learning to predict whether user would click a certain link or not.
Understanding Basketball Games
Computer Vision and Deep Learning, 2018
We improves the fusion of player feature and frame feature to classify events in basketball videos with recurrent neural network.
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Meanshift-based Image Segmentation
Computer Vision and Deep Learning, 2018
This project implements meanshift algorithm for unsupervised image segmentation on iOS devices and tests the influence of kernel function and color space.
Google Earth Control via Eye Tracking
Automatic Control Theory, 2017
Using eye tracking as input control signal, we develope a controller to navigate through Google Earth and Google Street View.
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Lecture Video Segmentation
Introduction to Computing (Honor Track), 2016
Extract the screen area (ROI) and compute similarities between the ROIs using perceptual hashing to segment a lecture video into clips.
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Ancient Academy and Human Capital: An Econometric Study
Labor Economics, 2019
We conduct econometric studies to analyze the influence of ancient academies for both examination performance (shor-term) and human capital accumulation (lont-term).
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Investigate the Social Trading Platforms: A Case Study
Internet Finance and Big Data, 2018
We study the rise of social trading plaforms and analyzed whether the popular portfolios in the platform are indeed profitable.
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Intelligent Bacteria System to Degrade Pesticides
Introduction to Synthetic Biology, 2017
We designed an intelligent bacteria system that could sense and degragate pesticides and automatically switch between the three states.