Research Projects

Unsupervised Disentanglement of Human Videos
with Zhuoqian Yang and Wayne Wu
Measuring and Improving Disentanglement in CNNs


Logic Gates
Apple WWDC Scholarship Award, 2018
Code / Description
Quantitative Planning for Electric Vehicles
with Shuonan Wu, Kaiyi Zhang
Math Contest in Modeling, 2018 (Meritorious Winner)
Problem / Report
Genetic Sequential Logic Circuit Programming
Member of Team Peking, advised by Prof. Qi Ouyang
iGEM 2017 (Gold Medal, Best Information Processing Project Nomination)
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Course Projects

Ancient Academy and Human Capital: An Econometric Study
with Wanting Gong, Wenhao Zhang, Dong Liu
Presented at Labor Economics, 2019
Slides / Report (In Chinese)
Rotating Energy Rings
with Zuowen Wang
CSCI 3260: Computer Grapics (CUHK), 2018
Data-driven Link Prediction
with Yiqing Xie
STATS 202: Data Mining and Analysis (Stanford), 2018
Understanding Basketball Games
with Haoxian Wu
Presented at Computer Vision and Deep Learning, 2018
Slides / Report (In Chinese)
Meanshift-based Image Segmentation
Computer Vision and Deep Learning, 2018
Investigate the Social Trading Platforms: A Case Study
with Jinming Zhang, Bin Feng, Ning Ma, Xueyao Chen, Xinyao Li
Presented at Internet Finance and Big Data, 2018
Slides (In Chinese)
Google Earth Control via Eye Tracking
with Xu Yang
Presented at Automatic Control Theory, 2017
Video / Slides (In Chinese)
Intelligent Bacteria System to Degrade Pesticides
with Yulong Li, Zhehan Fu, Bingrong Chen, Wanlin Jin
Presented at Introduction to Synthetic Biology, 2017
Lecture Video Segmentation
Presented at Freshmen Course Introduction to Computing, 2016
Code / Slides / Report (In Chinese)